The Nest – Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 12, 2013 Posted by: Deborah Swanson Comments: 0

The Nest – Mother’s Day

A smile comes across my face as I stare at this amazing bird’s nest left in the bush outside our bathroom window. My first reaction is that is was defiantly built by the male species. I can hear him now, “…this baby’s not going anywhere! It will withstand high winds, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis!” As she chirps, “but honey, it just needs to be comfortable…” In his mind he is taking care of the family. Providing shelter is what he intends to do and if he’s going to build it, it might as well be rock solid, right? I am sure she put her delicate foot down when she struggled to find a single inch of comfort while attempting to push out those eggs. The remnants left behind in the abandoned nest look more like a bachelor pad than a cozy family home. Empty snail shells (ie. Bud-light cans) and no bedding.

How often are we so busy trying to provide that we miss the essentials in the home? When all she really wants is to be noticed, to be heard, to be comfortable, and to be gently taken care of. One of the things I appreciate most about my husband is that he makes sure my kids know it’s Mother’s Day and that they do something about it. By doing so, he’s providing the real shelter I want. It is a shelter of love and commitment – it is the essential in Nest Building 101. As he takes care of me, he demonstrates to the kids how important I am and they learn to do the same.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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