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Posted on: December 23, 2022 Posted by: Deborah Swanson Comments: 0

The Heart

One look in the mirror and all is known. Ten years have passed in one day. Age seems to have whisked in overnight and stolen my youth. I look in the mirror and see battle scars of stress, disease, and heartache written all over my face as if the hands …

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27 Years and Still Fighting

Our engagement picture – April 1987 Twenty seven years ago I married my love, best friend, and business partner. We have weathered many storms, have come through dripping wet and tired, but very much alive and more deeply committed to one another than the day we began. Many years ago …

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The Nest – Mother’s Day

A smile comes across my face as I stare at this amazing bird’s nest left in the bush outside our bathroom window. My first reaction is that is was defiantly built by the male species. I can hear him now, “…this baby’s not going anywhere! It will withstand high winds, …

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A 50 Year Legacy

My husband recently had the opportunity to photograph a family reunion which was in celebration of the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. Instead of going away by themselves they chose to bring their family all together on the Central Coast and share those 50 years with their children and grandchildren. Together …

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The Desert is Better Than a Vexing Woman

I am literally out in the middle of nowhere, between Mojave and Mammoth. This is the high dessert near the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is dry, hot, desolate, and mostly dirt. Nothing grows here except scrub brush and even that looks dead. The dirt is sand and doesn’t …