Being Relevant

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I Will Not Drown

In the midst of the storm, it is hard not to be terrified of the outcome. That is where I am now. Sometimes I hit the eye of the storm and all seems calm. Sometimes, like yesterday I get tossed to the violent edge and my heart panics and hurts …

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Insurance. Assurance.

Two days before leaving on our 17-day highly anticipated camping trip to see the fabulous National Parks on the western side of the United States, a woman stood on our porch and handed me paperwork for a lawsuit. I was served! I have never been served before and it felt …

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Remembering “One-Bad-Year”

One year ago today, April 17, I sat in my office trying to work while anxiously waiting for the call. It was now Tuesday and I should have heard yesterday. The call finally came and resulted in my “one-bad-year” with triple negative breast cancer. I am not very good at …

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I Am a Miracle

I am the parting of the Red Sea. I am the three feet of quail as far as the eye can see to feed a nation of God’s chosen people who perpetually disobeyed their Redeemer. I am the fresh water that sprang forth, at the command of Moses, to quench …

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Radiation’s Glow: Killing Cancer’s Final Frontier

Note: This post was finished weeks ago, but never got published due to a brain that functions at half capacity — much less than it is capable of when cancer arrives on the scene.  A single train of thought continually leaks through the crevices that once held them tight. Ideas …

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Face-to-Face with a Grizzly Named Cancer

To come in close proximity to a grizzly has got to be one of life’s defining moments. It’s definitely a David and Goliath moment. Last year, HOTY and I had the amazing opportunity to celebrate our 30 years of marriage with a dream trip to Alaska. I have to admit, …

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Lucky Charms and Lumpectomies

Wednesday (early morning): For days now I have had surgery on my mind. Not in the forefront, but lingering in the back forty. I haven’t written in four weeks because, believe it or not, I haven’t had anything to say. I am sure it’s the chemo lingering in the crevasses of …

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Fighting Blind in Brokenness

This blog has been harder to write than any other even though THE best news possible was delivered last Thursday. The chemo has completely eradicated the tumor! All I can do is give God praise!! All this awful, hard work has paid off and HOTY and I couldn’t be happier …

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Surviving the Sour, Savoring the Sweet

Watching hair grow while it is being killed at the cellular level takes a lot of patience. Every morning I gaze at this bald head of mine in my magnification mirror and see new sprouts of life trying to live. I honestly can’t believe that it is even emerging considering …