Fists to the Sky

Posted on: June 9, 2020 Posted by: Deborah Swanson Comments: 0

Fists to the Sky

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You cry out for justice for a
man named George Floyd.
You think he’s going to be your savior
to a broken system.
His death was meaningless, senseless.

You demand change to a flawed system,
in which the powerful
can take the lives of the innocent.
Where the color of your skin
determines your success.

You cry out against police brutality.
You demand a life
with less controls and more
You seek a place of unity
for all peoples, all sexes,
with less structure and
more freedoms.

You yell in the streets.
Point your fists to the sky.
Kneel on the pavement and
lay prostrate on the ground.
All for a condemned criminal,
senselessly killed by a power-tripping cop.

You claim as your right
to have social justice,
and to see a day where
black lives matter.

You scream to be seen.
To help others be seen.
You tell others that their silence is violence.
You have no solution except
to disrupt the status quo
in order to hope for change

Death is the price of change,
but not this death.
You’re calling on the wrong man.
The price has already been paid.
The violence has already been met.

With fists raised to the sky
they demanded the blood of
a dark skinned, racial minority.
An innocent man.
Brutally murdered.
A perfect man.
The crowd wanted justice — social justice.
They screamed, “Crucify Him!”

They released a condemned criminal
in their blind insanity.
They took to the streets
demanding their government
change the system.
A broken, flawed system.

They brutally beat and senselessly
murdered a man that committed
no crimes — He was 100% innocent.

And yet no one yelled to save Him.

His death does change the world.
His death SAVES the world.
Brings unity.
Is color blind.
Elevates the poor.
Defends the victimized.
His death paid the price for change —
            Your change.

He was the victim of a senseless killing.
He is the agent of change.
He is the only hope for unity.
He did what no other man has ever
been able to do.

He beat death.

He paid the price for your violence, rage,
slander, theft, lying, murder, disobedience
All of which costs death.
He did this so that you — yes you out there
demanding social justice —could be free
from the justice you deserve.

The same justice we demand
of others will be decided upon us
at our death
and we will be found guilty of injustice.
We will all be found guilty.

Yelling the name of George Floyd
will not bring justice.
Not today.
Not tomorrow.
Whispering the name of Jesus is the
only name that brings change.

Claiming the name of Jesus
makes all men privileged and
changes the system from
the inside out.

Take a knee. Raise your hands.
Bow your heads. Pause in silence.
Do this in remembrance of Jesus’
death and resurrection.
The King of Mercy.
The Provider of Justice.

The Great I AM.