I Am a Miracle

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I Am a Miracle

Deborah Swanson - Miracles

I am the parting of the Red Sea. I am the three feet of quail as far as the eye can see to feed a nation of God’s chosen people who perpetually disobeyed their Redeemer. I am the fresh water that sprang forth, at the command of Moses, to quench the parched families wandering in the dessert. I am the non-consuming, burning bush in the wilderness that audibly spoke the Word of God to a man questioning his call. I am the water turned into wine. I am the feeding of 10,000 from a couple loaves of bread and a few small fish.

I am the birth of Christ – Immanuel. An unusual set of unimaginable circumstances placed upon a normal, yet special and scared teenage girl and her heavily burdened, betrothed young man. A couple with the heart of God and their purity at the core of their relationship. It was nothing less than a miracle where the God of all creation stepped down to humanity, giving up power and Glory, to serve and save mankind. A miracle. Nothing normal. Everything divine.

I am the death of Christ – The Lamb of God. A man sentenced to a brutal death who was guilty of no crime. A death that so meticulously followed prophetic Words spoken and written thousands of years before the cross. No one of human origin could have orchestrated the steps of that fatal week that had the demons raising shouts of joy as their enemy was going down. If only they could have seen the future. If only they could have believed the miracle still to take place.

I am the resurrection of Christ – Our Savior. Hopes dashed. A mother’s heart crushed, raw, and utterly dismayed. Where had the promises gone? Where was the King that she had been promised and risked everything for? Beaten, Betrayed. Brutally dead . . . No! Risen! Bringing the dead to life is a miracle of epic proportions. This uncommon act of breathing life into lifelessness is not ordinary. It’s extraordinary. Its unexplainable. It is the hand of God with a singular purpose to save the world from the certain death of their sin. Not only a miracle, but grace inconceivable.

I am you, a divinely appointed miracle. I am the unexplainable realities that have touched your life. Your life. My life. A miracle. Every breath we breath is available only by God’s divine design. The school shooting that didn’t happen because God’s people prayed. The car accident that you were in, that killed another soul who needed to go heavenward to meet his wife, but your life and the lives of others were spared. The aggressive deadly cancer that was found in my body, which is now completely gone. The job you got that you were not expecting, that not only provides financially, but extends to amazing adventures. The illness that has caused you to slow down and rethink your calling. The negotiation for wages and the meeting of the need. The grandchildren you never thought you would get, but you prayed for years anyways. The prayers of a little girl for a penny back on her daddy’s taxes and the tax man saying that there would be exactly one penny back. A true miracle. The husband or wife that you thought God might never provide and now you’re happily married. Always just enough work to pay the bills. Places to live where you are safe. God’s timing and provision from birth until death. Miracles. His unseen hand of carrying us through grief, hardship, and fear. Miracles. You have them happening around you every day. God making the way for you. Changing courses of history. Bringing to life what was once dead. Miracles. Answered prayers. Miracles. The unexplainable in the natural realm. Some times we see it and know it. Other times we are oblivious, yet it has happened. Miracles.

My life is a series of miracles. I am a miracle. From a young girl first believing in Jesus. To God providing a husband who fears the Lord. Miracles. To the birth of our two beautiful children, now grown to adults with God pursuing them continually and never letting them go. To a grown woman trusting in God through joy, fear, heartache, disbelief, celebration and sorrow. Miracles. I have watched Him bring the spiritually dead to life and the broken to wholeness. Amazing miracles. God has even given me this really hard year to see who He is more clearly. His love for me is miraculous because I can do nothing to deserve it. He parts the Red Sea for me and makes a way for me while lost in my desert. He cured me of cancer! Why would I think He wouldn’t take care of my children? He moves mountains to make His plans happen all around me and He graciously allows me to see many of His miracles. He even wakes me in the middle of the night to spend time with Him in the quietness of the dark. Miracles.

A life untethered to this world and connected to the only source of miracles is a wild ride, and an adventure of monumental extremes. I believe in miracles because I know the maker of them all. We can rest assured that as He’s done it before and He WILL do it again. But the most precious miracle is the miracle of Christmas, where our Savior entered the world. Given birth by a virgin to be the savior of a broken and lost world. He offers us a free gift that breaks us free from the prison of our sin, where death is the only payment possible. A miracle accomplished perfectly for you and me.



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