Stayed on His Perfect Peace

Posted on: April 19, 2018 Posted by: Deborah Swanson Comments: 2

Stayed on His Perfect Peace

Taking care of other people’s emotions is something I never felt I was good at. I have always seen myself as a “suck it up butter-cup” kind of person. My girlfriend had me take a personality test a week ago and I thought for sure I’d come out as one of those indifferent, logical, non-feeling types. I am sure 8 years ago that is what it would have said. But my “type” came back as the caring-concerned-about-others person.

Telling other’s you have cancer is actually a hard thing to do. In telling them, you feel that you need to protect their emotions. You are the one that has this disease in your body and yet you feel the need to make sure others are ok. Honestly, I am not sure I would have been this way, eight years ago. I had to tell all of my current clients what is going on. Now it affects the one thing that I know for certain I am really good at.

I am determined not to waste this cancer. My newest client has an edge about her that I generally don’t care for. I had the choice to take her on as a client and I weighed that choice heavily. My first inclination is not to take on clients that I don’t immediately feel a connection to. I did it any way. Something about her said she needed a connection.

I emailed her and told her that I needed to finish up her job quickly or I might not be able to get to it for a while and I told her why. She immediately tried to call me. I was too emotional to pick up the phone. She left a very caring message and then emailed me. Told me that her and her son pray every night and that I would be included in their prayers. I love when God opens doors! I was able to write back and tell her that I believed in God and knew that He fully has me in His hands. I thanked her for praying for me and let her know how much I appreciated it.

Isaiah 26:3 – You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

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  1. It’s not scripture but it’s still beautiful :
    “Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus
    Look full on his beautiful face
    And the things of Earth will look strangely dim
    In the light of his glory and grace.”
    When I was in active treatment for bladder cancer for 3 years the words of that song kept me calm and patient.
    I love where your mind and heart are at this time.
    Love, Phyllis

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