Author: Deborah Swanson

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The Treasure Lies in the Chair

What IS it that women really want? This is an age-old question that poses the possibility that it is perhaps possible to know what would make a woman—any woman—happy. Perhaps it is only possible to know the answer if you’re a woman and if, as a woman, you actually know …

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High Maintenance Girls

All she wanted was cards and flowers and he thought she was too high maintenance. We all have a love language and it is important to figure out what makes your mate feel loved. For her, receiving gifts speaks volumes of love. Now these gifts don’t have to be diamond …

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Freedom within Order

I am currently trying to read through the Bible in a year. This morning, as reading through Exodus, I was impressed with the way God took His people out of slavery from the Egyptians and gave them freedom in Him. Yet he gave them laws, rules, and instructions on just …