She is Willing to Wait

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She is Willing to Wait

A poem by my daughter who is wiser than her years.

I’m Going to Wait

by Matisse Swanson, 16 years old
February, 2012
I’m going to wait, for the perfect man.
A man who acts the same in front of his parents,
As he does in front of his peers.
A man who will always love God,
Way more then any girl
A man who isn’t afraid of not looking cool,
Just because he follows the rules.
A man who will take the time to win my heart,
And who will treasure me like a valuable piece of art.
A man who will fight for my love,
But even more he will fight for the one that is above.
A man that isn’t scared of what’s to come,
But cherishes what he has already won.
A man that treats me like his dad treated his mom,
And knows when he is right and when he is in the wrong.
A man who isn’t afraid to stand up for the truth,
And treats me like Boaz treated Ruth.
So I will wait for this perfect man,
Not for me to find him,
But for him to find me.
For I know God has a plan
And in that plan is where I want to stand.
So I’m gunna be patient and I’m gunna wait for my perfect soul mate
For I know that all good things come to those who wait.

I wish you could have known my daughter from the age of two until ten. I honestly didn’t think she would make it to sixteen and not be in Juvenal detention or worse that I would have been committed to a mental institute. I had nightmares of my life when she turned 16, knowing how contrary she was at six. It was hard for me to believe that sweet 16 would be sweet at all. She is living proof that God is merciful and that the extremely hard work of exhausting parenting and consistent discipline does pay off.

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