High Maintenance Girls

Posted on: February 20, 2012 Posted by: Deborah Swanson Comments: 0

High Maintenance Girls

All she wanted was cards and flowers and he thought she was too high maintenance. We all have a love language and it is important to figure out what makes your mate feel loved. For her, receiving gifts speaks volumes of love. Now these gifts don’t have to be diamond rings, they can be small thoughtful things. Things that show her he is willing to sacrifice the time to write her a note or pick her some flowers. If a guy calls that “high maintenance” he automatically says, “you are not worth a little extra work to me.” She FEELS loved when he gives her gifts of any size.

My husband leaves me notes around the house or if I am going on a trip with my girlfriends, he’ll stick a sticky note on something in my bag for me to find. What I love about this is that he didn’t spend a dime, but I knew he was thinking about me before I even left the house. Inevitably the girls I am with end up seeing this note and just think he’s the best husband in the world (which also makes me feel loved). It is so simple, yet I feel so loved. It is not predictable though. He doesn’t do it every day or every time I leave and it is not centered around any holiday. It is always a surprise for me. How could I not show the girls? My love language is Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation (yep, I have two!). His notes meet both of those for me.

Not everyone has the same love language. Dr. Gary Chapman has defined the 5 Love Languages and has written a book by the same name. High maintenance does not have to be expensive, it does require time though, and it goes both ways. It isn’t just for the man to do for the women. Every man needs to have his love language met as well and you may be surprised to know that it usually isn’t about sex.

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